How easy is it for you

to implement a new desired habit

in your routine?

What if you had a structured system

which helped you to sustainably adopt 

any new wanted habit

in 14 days?

Implementing a new habit can sometimes be really challenging... 

As much as you want it, and even when you know that it's extremely beneficial and healthy for you, 

this is still a foreign addition to your already convenient routine, right?

That requests an extraordinary effort to get integrated and feel natural in your smooth flow of life.

My Awakened Everyday DIY Challenge is taking you step by stepthrough daily small assignments, to the actualization of your new improved routine and reality.

How is it doing that?

  • You can start any timeOnce you log into the Challenge, a daily step will be automatically opened for you - one step a day, for 14 days.
  • Listen to the few minutes audio, and follow the instructions. The assignment will not take you more than few minutes, and you can also think of it during your day.
  • At the end of the 14 days, you'll find yourself practising your improved routine,
  • and you can always repeat the sequence to reinforce it,
  • or start anew with another mission.

Now, yes - 

I know how challenging can be doing this by yourself. 

So the good news is: 

I have your back! - And we’re going to do this together:

I'm walking with you for 30 days of live support,

on an exclusive WhatsApp group that will be there for anything you need - from company, through technical support, to guidance and advice, more insights and invitations to a deeper exploration.

Your growth and the freedom to be you are the most important to me, and I’m here with you to make it happen.

Take a glance...

Your implementation system step by step:

  • 1

    Welcome to My Awakened Everyday DIY Challenge

    • Welcome to My Awakened Everyday DIY Challenge - Get Ready!

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 1: What?

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 2 part 1: Why?

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 2 part 2: Why?

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 3: How?

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 4: Wow!

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 5: Create your ideal movie

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 6: Keep rewiring your brain

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 7: Keep rewiring your brain

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 8: Make your first actual step

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 9: Plan ahead and connect

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 10: Be the person you want to be

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 11: Live meditation

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 12: Adopt Zen secrets

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 13: Adopt Zen secrets

    • My Awakened Everyday - Day 14: Adopt Zen secrets

    • My Awakened Everyday - Conclusion

Are you ready to master your life?

My Awakened Everyday DIY Challenge 

Implement a new habit in 14 days

  • 14 Days step-by-step system
  • 30 Days of live support

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What happens after I register?

To begin the implementation, you’ll receive a welcome email with an immediate access to the Self Challengeso that you can already go through the introduction and prepare to start on the following day.  

An invitation to the WhatsApp group will wait for you on the welcome email, so you can join at any moment. 

If you join, but prefer not to be interrupted by every message, remember to enable ‘mute notifications’ on the Groups' menu.

Pleasure to meet you, I'm Inbal Lichtbrown

Hi, I'm IIMG_2277.JPGnbal Lichtbrown.

I feel so fortunate to meet you here.

How you are feeling these days?

My own journey into self alignment, and inner peace and freedom, is an ongoing one. Which helps me to much better deal with life and challenges, enjoy beauty and pleasure, and be of a help and support to others.

I've been learning to accept me as a whole, trust and have faith in myself, my intuition and my emotions - instead of disconnecting, pleasing, and holding frustration, resentment and anger, to embrace and express my special talents and gifts in my unique, authentic way, instead of hiding and shutting down, and instead of feeling lonely and unwanted - to move through life with certainty and confidence, knowing and trusting I can soulfully cope with anything, and will always be supported and helped.

Since 2000, I’ve been escorting people along their self healing and actualization journeys, supporting them at all levels - Physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.   

Together we uncover the real self and reveal the individual uniqueness, special gifts and superpowers. We enhance inner freedom, and develop a reliable, stable inner core, enabling fulfilling, easier, joyful life.

This profound, fundamental self integration work is done through the practising of the natural ancient wisdoms, which helps to explore and decipher old mechanisms, shed unnecessary conditioning, dissolve personal glass ceilings,

and establish a direct, clean connection to the source, to the heart of existence,

that resides in each one of us and in the universe as a whole.

It's time to master your life

My Awakened Everyday DIY Challenge 

Implement a new habit in 14 days

  • 14 Days step-by-step system
  • 30 Days of live support

Regular price: $240

Your 89% Off Special Price


One Payment Of