Can you imagine life 

where you freely and safely

do and say what you really want to?

Where you know you are unconditionally

wanted and appreciated?

9 Days self paced mini course 

guides you through the transformative process 


  • 12 Pre-recorded focused video lessons
  • Course workbook for a rapid progress 
  • Notification emails in case you prefer to walk 1 new practical daily step over the next 9 days
  • My available support in writing on your preferred platform 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To: How To Stop People Pleasing

    • Why Is It So Scary To Stop Pleasing?

    • How Do I Know That I'm Pleasing

    • What Are We Going To Do Here

  • 2

    Course Workbook [PDF]

    • How To Stop People Pleasing - COURSE WORKBOOK [PDF]

  • 3

    9 Steps: From Pleasing To Magnetizing Effortless Love, Appreciation And Collaboration

    • 1. Recognize Pleasing Related Events

    • 2. Activate Awareness

    • 3. Open The Possibilities Gate

    • 4. Expand Consciousness

    • 5. Encourage Brain Rewiring

    • 6. Step Into Your Powers

    • 7. Stabilize Anchors

    • 8. Actualize

    • 9. Analyze And Evolve

Pleasure to meet you, I'm Inbal Lichtbrown

IMG_2277.JPGHi, I'm Inbal Lichtbrown.

I feel so fortunate to meet you here.

How are you doing these days?

My own journey into self acknowledgement, love and respect, and is an ongoing one, which helps me to much better deal with life and challenges, enjoy beauty and pleasure, and be of help and support to others.

I've been learning to trust and have faith in myself - instead of disconnecting, pleasing, and of holding frustration, resentment and anger. 

I've been learning to keep my word to myself and take a good attentive care of me - instead of compromising, put myself last, and feeling empty and lost.  

Since 2000, I’ve been escorting people along their healing and actualization journeys, supporting them at all levels - Physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.   

Together we uncover the real self and reveal the individual uniqueness, special gifts and superpowers. We enhance inner freedom and develop a reliable, stable inner core - to enable fulfilling, easier, joyful life.

This profound, fundamental self integration work relies on a structured combination of ancient wisdom practices and modern modalities and techniques, 

which helps to explore and decipher old mechanisms, shed unnecessary conditioning, dissolve personal glass ceilings, 

and establish a direct, clean connection to the source - to the heart of existence, inner passion, high guidance and the key to peace and happiness -

that resides and available in each one of us and in the universe as a whole.