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Imagine life where you are welcome to freely and safely do and say what you really want to

Where you know you are unconditionally wanted and appreciated

It's Time To Create Your Authentic Version Of A Life Worth Living

9 Steps self paced Mini Course

Make the essential steps to:
  • Releasing people pleasing
  • Expressing yourself clearly and genuinely
  • Respecting and fulfilling your needs and wants, and
  • Acting freely and confidently on your values and truth

without being scared of being judged and rejected, or losing dear connections

Followed by:
  • Shifting relationships into equal, reciprocal and rewarding
  • Becoming an attractive magnet to peace, joy and collaboration, and 
  • Living the life you really want

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What are you getting:

  • 12 Pre-recorded focused video lessons
  • Course workbook for a rapid progress
  • Notification emails in case you prefer to walk 1 new practical daily step over the next 9 days
  • My available support in writing on your preferred platform

What is the deal with the lifetime access?

You are taking a first remarkable step and choosing yourself by signing up for this transformative mini course,

but naturally life is busy and chaotic... Free mini courses easily get lost and forgotten under piles of urgent projects and tasks -

and again you're finding yourself wondering when will your turn finally come??

This is exactly what we are going to take care of through the 9 steps process, 

and my promise for an attentive support is starting here - by making sure you are putting yourself first this time, and making the shift into a reality you are really happy to wake up in the morning to.  

Then you are gaining:

  • A bright understanding of your pleasing patterns, and how to shift into living up to your own will
  • Clear vision and immediate implementation of your best version
  • A lifetime access to the mini course so you can repeat the process as many times as you want, enhance your freedom and improve your life
  • A chance to win a free 1h deep dive session with me

And the free 1hr deep dive session with me?

Email me your final Best Version statement - for a chance to win 1 of 5 free deep dive sessions with me.

At the session you have the opportunity to gain:

  • Deeper understanding and clarity of your pleasing patterns - or of any other burning issue you deal with at the time
  • Revelation of your best first step toward breaking through the situation into a soulful life
  • Personal work and experience with the Rebirth Method For Mental-Emotional Regulation and its advantages

All you need to do is:

  1. Watch the 3 focused first lessons to prepare for the profound process
  2. Follow the 9 steps - you can take them at your pace, or one step a day by simply following the daily notification emails
  3. Complete the course in 21 days or less - to gain a lifetime access
  4. Send me your Best Version statement to enter a monthly draw for 1 of 5 1hr deep dive sessions with me

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To: From People Pleasing To Confident Expression

    • Why Is It So Scary To Stop Pleasing?

    • How Do I Know That I'm Pleasing

    • What Are We Going To Do Here

  • 2

    Course Workbook [PDF]

    • From People Pleasing To Confident Expression - COURSE WORKBOOK [PDF]

  • 3

    9 Steps: Step into speaking up and acting freely and peacefully

    • 1. Recognize Pleasing Related Events

    • 2. Activate Awareness

    • 3. Open The Possibilities Gate

    • 4. Expand Consciousness

    • 5. Encourage Brain Rewiring

    • 6. Step Into Your Powers

    • 7. Stabilize Anchors

    • 8. Actualize

    • 9. Analyze And Evolve

Pleasure to meet you, I'm Inbal Lichtbrown

IMG_2277.JPGHi, I'm Inbal Lichtbrown.

I feel so fortunate to meet you here.

How are you doing these days?

I’ve been escorting people along their self healing and actualization journeys since 2000, supporting all levels restoration - physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual, inspired by a rich background of Chinese and complementary medicine. 

My own ongoing journey into self alignment and inner peace and freedom, enables me to much better deal with life and challenges, enjoy beauty and pleasure, and be of help, support and guidance to you and to other brave souls.

Together we uncover the real self, and reveal the individual uniqueness, special gifts and superpowers - to attain confidence, calmness, certainty and self actualization.

We enhance inner alignment, self regulation and free choice, and develop a stable reliable inner core - to promote fulfilling, harmonious, joyful reality and life.

This fundamental self integration work involves transformative processes, 

using the Rebirth Method – 

a spiritual-practical approach and system, incorporates profound ancient wisdom and powerful modern self-healing tools and techniques.

Through which we explore and decipher old mechanisms, shed unnecessary conditioning, heal unhealthy patterns, dissolve limiting glass ceilings, 

and open a clean direct channel to the eternal omnipotent source, the heart of existence, that resides in each one of us and in the universe as a whole.